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下载: SSTap和SocksCap64已于2017年11月19日停止开发及维护和下载.

Software Description

SocksCap64 support the 32-bit and 64-bit system of Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 perfectly.

SocksCap64, developed by Taro. It’s designed to reduce delays of cross-regional online game. It can also  assist you to speed up of the network through the socks proxy server, reduce ping of online games. SocksCap64 currently support the SOCKS 4/SOCKS 5/HTTP/Shadowsocks protocols, supports TCP and UDP.

SocksCap64 provides great convenience for Windows applications to visit the network through a SOCKS proxy. SocksCap64, compared with VPN, is more convenient, considering the fact that the entire traffic went through the VPN, once the VPN is connected. It means that the games you are playing and the IM software online need reconnection. But with SocksCap64, what the users need to do is to open an application without any mutual influence. Of course, some browser plugins can also have such a function like SocksCap64. But they have some obvious defects. They don’t support proxies with account password authentication; their configurations are relatively complex; and only several mainstreams browsers have such kinds of plugins.

The SocksCap64 prototype comes from the author’s personal use of a game proxy tool. One day, I sent this software to a friend. After the friend used it, he was amazed by the tool and said: “You should put it to internet and make it available to netizens who have the same needs worldwide.” So the author accepted the suggestion and organize this private proxy tool into an easy-to-use software.

SocksCap was the most popular proxy made by Permeo in the era of Windows XP. Unfortunately, Permeo gave up the maintenance of SocksCap so it couldn’t be used in the 64-bit system.

Key Features

Include the functions, which SocksCap has, and meanwhile support perfectly the 32-bit and 64-bit system of Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10.

Support the SOCKS 4/SOCKS 5/HTTP/Shadowsocks perfectly.

Support the TCP and UDP network protocols perfectly.

Be able to display the current connection information through the proxy and the program information in tunnels.

Be able to create the SC64 shortcuts, which enables the programs under proxy to be started up over the desk instead of starting up SC64 in advance.

Be able to add numerous proxies and change identifications by switching proxies in service.

Be able to join network rules and specify whether some websites or IP shall pass the proxy/ be connected directly/ be stopped.

Be able to stop the SocksCap64 in service temporarily and use the real identification to visit network. (After the temporary stop of the SocksCap64, websites will show your real IP address, if a new one is opened.)

Program selector: Select software, which has already been installed on your computer, to forward the traffic through the proxy server using SocksCap64.

Import automatically the Web Brower, which has already been installed into the system and start the Web Browsing quickly…

Register an account and have it logged in on SocksCap64. Then purchase or apply for the trial use of the proxy for free so that you get a quick synchronization with the SocksCap64 client.

Support 3 types of DNS resolution: the local resolution of domain names; local resolution first and then remote resolution by Socks; and remote resolution by Socks directly.

Support Socks 4/5 agreement, which is scripted thoroughly according to the RFC files. The visit speed is very fast. More features are to be found.

About Author

Taro is a student, dropping out in Senior high school. He likes Google, Facebook, Apple and American dramas. He has been a delivery boy, a courier and a worker in the production line. Currently, he inherits his father’s business as a cobbler, the so-called boss. He learns to program all by himself only out of his enthusiasm. Friends often say to he that you can look for a job in an IT company and get more incomes than now. But I believe that if the hobbies becomes a kind of life tool, hobbies will not exist and skills will become boring. What do you think of it?

The SocksCap64 is internationalized through gettext and has only en_US and zh_CN files by default. Please find the .\lang\scap.po files under installation directory for translation, if you would like to help SocksCap64 translate more languages. Please send me the translated files and send me your social-media account by emails to [email protected]. Your name will be listed in the contributor lists. Meanwhile, your language files will be released together with the next upgrade. Suggest using PoEdit for translation, efficient and quick! SocksCap64 thanks for your participation.

If you want to help translate the SocksCap64 client or website into other languages, here are some guidelines to help you do this as efficiently as possible.

Note that even if you can’t translate many pages for your language, a few pages will still be helpful. Also, rather than just translating each page word by word, please try to translate the ideas so they make the most sense in your language.

please visit our Translation Overview for a clear overview of what needs translation help.

It’s really not easy to meet with you. There are many works to deal with so that the private tools can be transformed into software for public use, although SocksCap64 is software, evolved from the proxy I used previously. I have to complete, all by myself the tasks as follow: the UI/UE design, interface, menu function, website template development, website background specialized plug-ins development, the application compatibility of multiple operating systems, and the eventual testing of the operating systems. I have spent lots of time and energy over them and forgotten how many days and nights I sat for coding before the computer. And I begin to realize that life is tough for those professional programmers.

Ok, so donations. Many people love this software and to my surprise, many have actually asked to donate. In all good conscience, I can’t on the one hand write about how awesome and cost-effective web hosting is then, on the other hand, ask for donations to fund it. It’s cheap — I’ve got it covered.

Let me instead talk about the sacrifices required to make a service like this work. It can be enormously time consuming and that’s the real cost here. Plus there are a few services I pay for out of my own pocket to make the magic happen. If you want to kick in to help me cover those costs, that would be awesome. And no problem if you don’t want to either; just share the love and help others make use of the software.

Okay, Then if you think that SocksCap64 is good. Please give me financial support through Paypal or Alipay. And also write me letters to give me spiritual support, Thanks! Protection Status