Statement by the author: This software is a free for any person and website! I have never been engaged in the behavior of the proxy node sales, also did not open any sales website, It’s none of my businesses if anyone else sales proxy node and use this software as an accelerator. Most importantly, this is just an accelerator designed to provide proxy functionality for online games that do not support proxy themselves, THIS IS NOT A TOOL FOR FAN QIANG. Finally, when using the software, please comply with national laws and regulations. The user will be completely liable for any damages and responsibilities which are results of using this software.

It’s really not easy to meet with you. There are many works to deal with so that the private tools can be transformed into software for public use, although SocksCap64 is software, evolved from my private proxy tool. I have to complete, all by myself the tasks as follow: the UI/UE design, interface, menu function, website template development, website background specialized plug-ins development, the application compatibility of multiple operating systems, and the eventual testing of the operating systems. I have spent lots of time and energy over them and forgotten how many days and nights I sat for coding before the computer. And I begin to realize that life is tough for those professional programmers.

Ok, so donations. Many people love this software and to my surprise, many have actually asked to donate. In all good conscience, I can’t on the one hand write about how awesome and cost effective web hosting is then on the other hand ask for donations to fund it. It’s cheap — I’ve got it covered.

Let me instead talk about the sacrifices required to make a service like this work. It can be enormously time consuming and that’s the real cost here. Plus there are a few services I pay for out of my own pocket to make the magic happen. If you want to kick in to help me cover those costs, that would be awesome. And no problem if you don’t want to either; just share the love and help others make use of the software.

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If  you want to sponsor this project, please contact me, thanks!