Important tips for all Chinese Users: SSTap and SocksCap64 is no longer maintained. SSTap and SocksCap64 just an accelerator designed to reduce ping of online games, THIS IS NOT A TOOL FOR BYPASS FIREWALL, So even if you use this tool, you cannot open those websites blocked by China, such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc. And, They are free! It never ever provides any proxy nodes. It’s none of my business if anyone else sales proxy nodes and uses it as an games accelerator. Finally, when using the software, please comply with national laws and regulations. The user will be completely liable for any damages and responsibilities which are results of using this software.

About Me only focuses on the research of tools that reduce ping of online games and has never engaged in the sale of SOCKS proxy or VPN. Any person who sells SOCKS proxy or VPN under the name of SocksCap64 or SSTap has nothing to do with me.

SocksCap64 and SSTap are free, any paid version or cracked version on the network is fake, please be careful with the network Trojan.

The development of SocksCap64 and SSTap is just for the love of the gaming, they are designed to reduce delays of cross-regional online game. Many netizens doubted my purpose and thought: “You spend so much time developing this software, but not for profits, then what are your plans?” You have the right to think and talk. If you think this software is still good, hope to give me some sponsorship support for funding. At the same time, I can also provide customized development of game accelerator software. Please contact me if you need it.

SocksCap64 is a 64-bit version of SocksCap. It perfectly supports XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The SocksCap64 prototype comes from the author’s personal use of a game proxy tool. One day, I sent this software to a friend. After the friend used it, he was amazed by the tool and said: “You should put it to internet and make it available to netizens who have the same needs worldwide.” So the author accepted the suggestion and organize this private proxy tool into an easy-to-use software.

SocksCap64 is based on the DLL injection technology. Therefore, you may have some security software to report the risks when running. Please feel free to use it. At the same time, please be sure to download the installer on official site as well as a trusted partner site (eg CNET, Softpedia).

Because SocksCap64 is implemented of DLL injection technology, some game anti-theft systems will intercept HOOK and lead to SocksCap64 not working properly. So SocksCap64 can not be applied to all games, so there is SSTap.

SSTap is based on virtual network card technology. Theoretically it can adapt to all games.

SSTap needs to modify the system’s network configuration when connecting to the network, so your security software will also report danger. Please be sure to click the ‘allow’ button and trust SSTap, otherwise it may not work properly.

Finally, because the author is also a programming rookie,it is inevitable that there are various BUG, ​​please report it to me when you encounter BUG. I would also like to thank many enthusiastic netizens for all their suggestions and help in solving the bugs. In addition, there are many technical specialist who have given me a lot of development help.

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