(Formerly Gambitious Digital Entertainment, rebranded in August 2017).

Good Shepherd is founded by a global network of experienced publishing professionals who have been successfully working with indies for more than two decades to produce and nimbly publish indie games. We seek out and recruit artists, writers, musicians, and creative powerhouses from other arenas to provide robust network connections for our developers. We help them produce their very best work to ensure financially sound, and most importantly, original and fun contributions to the gaming space.

As both game fans and experienced gamers, we invest in every single title alongside any investors we invite to our network, and we get the same deal terms as they do. We consider ourselves Good Shepherds not only of these projects, but of people’s investment dollars when they choose to trust us and support independent art with their hard-earned money.

EVERY project gets fully financed and produced. EVERY project receives our special attention as we promote, test, localize and release it to the global market. We help shepherd developer projects toward success, enabling the people behind them to achieve their dreams while our investors are ensured a return for their faith and generosity. We put our money and our reputation behind every project, personally, for a collective win.
Official website: http://www.goodshepherd.games/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoodShepherdEnt

Monster Train

Black Future ’88 – Soundtrack

The Eternal Cylinder

Crush Your Enemies – Plundered Loot DLC

John Wick Hex

Transport Fever 2

Hard Reset: Exile

Phantom Doctrine – Halloween Scare Tactics DLC