Gaming Software

Software for Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, Photo Editing, Video Production, Web Publishing, Education, Game Development, and boosting and optimizing your gaming experience. Also in this category is everything you need to create and develop a new game for any platform.

Game NameDeveloperRelease DateSoftware Description


Binary Fortress Software2015-Jun-05Take command of your games with your voice using VoiceBot! Sending commands to your games and applications is as easy as saying the command out loud. Use your voice to run keyboard shortcuts, click and move your mouse, and even execute complicated macros and scripts.

Professor Teaches Photoshop Creative Cloud

Individual Software2014-Sep-01Professor Teaches Photoshop Creative Cloud is a fast and easy way to learn Adobe Photoshop CC, the premier image design tool used by artists, animators, design agencies, and web developers and designers. Professor Teaches Photoshop CC provides complete tutorials, guides, and interactive exercises to help unleash your creative potential.

Sticky Apps :: Monitor Ping

StartupTim LLC2019-May-09Sticky Apps :: Monitor Ping is an application to view your network connection to multiple systems on the Internet. This is a great way to monitor your PING/network to game servers, video streaming servers, or your ISP in general.

KumaKuma Manga Editor

KumaKumaManga2019-Feb-28KumaKuma Manga Editor is a comic editor for dummy based on 3d models. Our goal is to let everyone create manga without has to conquering the barrier of learning how to draw. You don’t need any device other than your computer, or any basic knowledge of art.

Professor Teaches Excel 2016

Individual Software2015-Sep-15Professor Teaches Excel 2016 is a computer training course developed by experts to help you learn the features of Excel 2016. Unlike other training courses, Professor Teaches provides a realistic simulation of the software, so you can practice and apply what you learn right away.

SAO Utils: Beta

Joshua Chen2018-Mar-15SAO Utils provides you a customizable Full-Dive 3D app launcher with varieties of themes, desktop widgets and powerful utilities.

ArtPose Pro

Artware Studio2018-Mar-08ArtPose Pro is a fun and artistic app for posing the Male and female figure. Create fast and dynamic poses in minutes. Quickly flesh out an ideal pose to use in your favorite art apps. ArtPose Pro lets you Pose two figures together male or female at the same time.

Nimble Writer

Nimble Tools2015-Apr-22Nimble Writer is a general-purpose tool for writing stories, be it short fiction stories or even complete novels or books. It focuses on being distraction-free, simple, and fully customizable.


Stardock2019-May-24Keep all your apps together in browser-like tabs with Groupy! This app will transform the way you use your PC. A popular utility app from the makers of Fences and Multiplicity, Groupy lets Windows users group desktop windows together as easily as browsers group websites together.


RainySoft2018-Dec-07RainWidget is a powerful widget engine based on Chrome Core that allow you create stunning smooth animations widgets using the latest web technologies(JS HTML5 CSS3) for your desktop . Choose an existing widget or create your own and share it to the Online Gallery!


RainySoft2019-Mar-19RainDesktop allows you to create and display customizable live themes on your desktop with build-in WYSIWYG visual designer, from system and weather information to audio visualizers. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Desktop Audio Visualizer

JoyfulStudio2018-Dec-17Desktop Audio Visualizer is a Lightweight audio visualization software.It can always dock on the screen and translucent without affecting your work.


Brainchild2018-Jun-10Space2D allows you to create highly detailed space scenes in seconds, generating stars, nebulae, suns and planets on parallax layers. The perfect tool for 2D Games, Visual Novels and more.

Button Music

IDALGAME2018-Feb-20Button Music is a program for creating melodies. Select the sounds you like and the program will turn your keyboard into a musical instrument!

Mouse Enhancer Pro

DanD2018-Jul-13Fully disable all accelerated mouse input on your computer with a single click. Perfect for those wanting precise linear input without the hassle of changing code. Windows does not disable accelerated input entirely, but with this tool you can.

Jitsumi's Game Booster

THEEY STORE PTE. LTD.2019-Apr-19Jitsumi Game Booster is a light and fast tool which scans for games that had been launch while providing features such as suspending background processes, cleaning junk files, cleaning errors in drives and system files, overclocking and many more without using much CPU

Lossless Scaling

THS2018-Dec-28Play your favorite games without blur! No more quality loss when you run the game at a resolution less than the native display resolution.


Pavo Studio2017-Jul-01The best cross-platform Live2D desktop solution

Keyboard Engine

David Ko2017-Nov-29The Keyboard Engine allows you to freely customize additional features of your keyboard. Use your add-ons to build your own keyboard. Also share your keyboard presets with others and meet new ones.


Stardock2017-May-12Customize your Windows experience with Start10! Return to the classic Windows 7 look or try out the new Modern style. Change colors and apply textures, create filtered searches, and easily access Universal applications. All of this, plus integration with Fences, makes Start10 your Start menu alternative.