Ub3rgames, the company behind this rerelease, has been created for the purpose of acquiring the license to the massively multiplayer game Darkfall Online and relaunch it under a new direction as Darkfall Online: New Dawn.

Founded in Paris by former players of the game, this group of gaming enthusiasts consist mostly of expert developers that all have a very strong programming background in high end infrastructure management, networking programming and cloud computing skills.
In the end what unites them is their love of online video games.

And there is no doubt in our mind that Darkfall Online: New Dawn will be a success in today’s market. But more than that, we’ve been passionate about video games since childhood, and this project will be ran by gamers, for gamers.

This endeavor is approached as a startup, and as such, the management staff is designed to be as lightweight as possible. We will start with only a handful of employees and then increase as budget allows.
Official website: https://darkfallnewdawn.com/about-us/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ub3rgamesHQ

Darkfall: New Dawn