Raconteur Games is an indie game development studio founded in Louisiana in 2015.

.Headquartered in Lafayette, the heart of Cajun country, Raconteur was built upon a vision of storytelling. Nicholas Laborde began the company while a business student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, building the team, attracting investment, and creating games all while going to college.

Their first game Close Order, a fast-paced genre mashup where the player can craft a space armada, launched in Early Access in summer 2015, with a full Steam release that followed in January 2016.

The company is run by its two executives: Nicholas Laborde, the Chief Executive Officer, and Sander Moolin, the Chief Technical Officer with freelance support across the world.
Official website: http://raconteurgames.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/raconteurdev


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Close Order