The House of Fables is a studio experienced in games development. The passionate team is focusing on making casual Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure games, Time Management games and mobile apps. Developers plan to continue working on this kind of casual entertainment, but are also exploring new areas, such as VR technology. The studio was established back in August 2014.

Members of the team, however, have significant experience in casual game development and are known for such titles as: Gardens Inc., Sea of Lies: Burning Coast, Eventide: Slavic Fable. The House of Fables developers believe that making games and bringing gamers entertainment is the best thing they can do. They want to create fantastic stories and intriguing worlds to explore. That’s why they are called The House of Fables – a company that can take gamers on an adventure into a wonderful fable of their choice.
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Trains VR

Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure

International Space Station Tour VR