Important tips for all Chinese Users: SSTap and SocksCap64 is no longer maintained. SSTap and SocksCap64 just an accelerator designed to reduce ping of online games, THIS IS NOT A TOOL FOR BYPASS FIREWALL, So even if you use this tool, you cannot open those websites blocked by China, such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc. And, They are free! It never ever provides any proxy nodes. It’s none of my business if anyone else sales proxy nodes and uses it as an games accelerator. Finally, when using the software, please comply with national laws and regulations. The user will be completely liable for any damages and responsibilities which are results of using this software.

针对用SocksCap64登录Wow魔兽世界提示: 您正在尝试连接一个无效的服务器的临时Patch.

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    有网友反馈, 用SocksCap64登录Wow魔兽世界提示: 您正在尝试连接一个无效的服务器, 更多帮助: BLZBNTBGS00000208 错误. 无法登录.

    有时候通过SocksCap64运行Wow无反应, 但是用进程管理器查看可以看到进程存在等问题发布一个临时Patch.

    1, 下载此Patch.

    2, 解压.
    将文件解压至安装目录, 复盖之前的安装文件.

    3, okay.

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    下一个发布版本中, 也将正式修正此问题.

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    使用最新发布的SocksCap64版本时, 如果是要登录魔兽世界国服请务必采用: 本地DNS解析, 不要使用远程DNS解析.

    设置方法是: 配置-> 本地解析DNS -> 保存

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