Important tips for all Chinese Users: SSTap and SocksCap64 is no longer maintained. SSTap and SocksCap64 just an accelerator designed to reduce ping of online games, THIS IS NOT A TOOL FOR BYPASS FIREWALL, So even if you use this tool, you cannot open those websites blocked by China, such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc. And, They are free! It never ever provides any proxy nodes. It’s none of my business if anyone else sales proxy nodes and uses it as an games accelerator. Finally, when using the software, please comply with national laws and regulations. The user will be completely liable for any damages and responsibilities which are results of using this software.


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    同一个 SSR 服务器,对比了 SSTap 的“不代理中国 IP”模式 和 SSR-windows 客户端的性能。大概是这样:

    SSTap 使用该模式后,最多能跑 10M 带宽,SSR-Windows 客户端至少能跑 30M 带宽。测试间隔 5 分钟。希望优化 SSTap  的“不代理中国 IP”模式的 SS(R) 性能。


    SSTap 浏览器模式下,速度很正常,有 30M 到 50M


    而且,SSTap 新增一个网络适配器后的一分钟内,电脑 CPU 总是 70% 的高占用,请问这个是什么问题啊……

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    而且,SSTap 新增一个网络适配器后的一分钟内,电脑 CPU 总是 70% 的高占用,请问这个是什么问题啊……



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      #3 loyalsoldier #43136

      浏览器模式(PAC 模式)只适合浏览器用,其他软件好像无法使用。而驱动模式性能又不行,是否可以提供一个能知道端口的模式,毕竟有些软件需要走代理,需要显式声明代理端口。


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