Statement by the author: This software is a free for any person and website! I have never been engaged in the behavior of the proxy node sales, also did not open any sales website, It’s none of my businesses if anyone else sales proxy node and use this software as an accelerator. Most importantly, this is just an accelerator designed to provide proxy functionality for online games that do not support proxy themselves, THIS IS NOT A TOOL FOR FAN QIANG. Finally, when using the software, please comply with national laws and regulations. The user will be completely liable for any damages and responsibilities which are results of using this software.

Because of the hard-disk crashed, all datas were lost (The read-write head may be ok,
Should be the chips broken, but did not match the appropriate PCB board, and the data recovery is too expensive
, so I decided to give up).

So, I am sorry to tell all of you: SSTAP and SOCKSCAP64 will permanently stop development.

This seems to be the second experience in hard-disk burnt out, but why don’t me remember to backup datas? -_-.

Think back to the development of SOCKSCAP64, it just was a love of programming techniques and online games.
I often encounter the network delay when I was playing online games across the area,
And I also like programming, then I began to write a game acclerator.
After the recommendation of someone friend, I distributed it on the Internet, during that time,
I got a lot of technical advices and encouragement. I am very grateful, The Netizens encounter BUG will be timely feedback to me, They even provided their machines to me for testing.

Very gratifying is that the users like this software after it was published. This is also a kind of affirmation to me. thank you all.

Really, It’s very reluctant to give up these two software, although it is only an avocation in my spare time, but after all, still take a lot of time on it.

Some friends said that you could write it again, it should be very fast. Come on, Even rewriting a single function is terrible, you can’t believe it, it’s so scary, I can’t do it.

Later, I have to concentrate on my own work, really, because the development of these software take a lot of time,
it has been affected my own work more or less, so it’s time to concentrate on my work.

so, the programs will not be updated, and I will not be online often. this website, I will post some game-related news and reviews. you may not choose to come here to see the game news and reviews, just as my collection.
Furthermore, I really want to make a game review site, so, perhaps, I will be a game review writer.

Well, I do not know what to say, once again, thanks to all e-pal for your kindly support and encouragement!