Before the arrival of industrious humans, you and your fellow dragons got along as best as dragons can. But ever since your territory has been infested by these two-legged invaders, your dragon instincts have started to take over. All that’s left is to be the first dragon to fill your cave to the brim with gold!

When you’re a dragon on the warpath, every turn matters. Choose your actions wisely – claim, destroy, attack, and steal what’s rightfully yours!

Your dragon comes fully equipped with both the might to destroy cities and villages for instant gold (and gratification) and the mercy to spare them in exchange for tribute (in your favorite currency of course, gold!).


images © Lay Waste Games

Dragoon is a 2 – 4 player action strategy board game for ages 13 and up. Your goal is to be the first of the dragons to fill your cave with 50 gold points. Gold is acquired primarily from claiming and destroying villages and cities. Gold is also acquired through combat with other dragons and stealing from their caves.

Dragoon offers a balanced platform for novice and advanced players alike to meet toe to toe on the battlefield of glory. Both immediate gain and long term investment are rewarded for deeper play. It’s up to you to decide what’s best in the ever-changing landscape of Dragoon.

Dragoon comes complete with instructions designed to get you quickly soaring through each round, including a cheat sheet printed right on the map for quick and easy reference. It has a fast learning curve, allowing quick introduction to friends, family, and enemies. CAUTION: enemies may befriend you to play your copy of Dragoon (especially those sneaky ones).

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