Cyan Worlds 30th anniversary giveaway 

Cyan Worlds 30th

To share in the festitives relating to the special 30-year anniversary of Cyan Worlds, we’ve teamed up with them to giveaway 5 copies of Obduction and 5 copies of realMyst to readers of Adventure Gamers.

Obduction was one of the big winners of the 2016 Aggies, winning in the category for “Best Gameplay” and “Readers’ Choice – Best Setting”. realMyst, the 3D remaster of Myst, was a superb enhancement of the original genre-defining title. Both titles received critical acclaim and are guaranteed to give you breathtakingly beautiful immersive experience.

Our review for Obduction concluded:

Myst enthusiasts and exotic-world explorers will find a whole new stupendous universe to fall in love with, and fans of mind-bending challenges will find themselves in paradise… most of the time.

realMyst‘s review:

realMyst’s Masterpiece Edition offers spectacular enhancements to an already iconic adventure game – even the Myst naysayers should be pleasantly surprised by the new visuals and interface revisions.

Enter the giveaway for the chance to win one of ten free copies!


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