Nintendo Switch launch causes decrease in porn traffic 

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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has already been confirmed as one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time, with more perfect scores on Metacritic than any other game in history. But now it has another accolade to add to the list: it’s stopped people from watching porn.

Or at least that’s what YouPorn is claiming. They shared their (anonymous, you’ll be glad to know) analytical data with website Mass Appeal, and over the weekend of the Switch’s launch it shows a sudden dip in traffic amongst users who identified as gamers.

On Friday traffic was down 15%, then on Saturday it fell 17%, and then it was down 13% on Sunday. Traffic over the weekend was apparently the lowest it’s been in the last 30 days.

Site visitors by ‘gamers’ was down 17% as a whole, with those identifying as ‘hardcore gamers’ and ‘social gamers’ seeing a 10% decline.

Princess Peach porn is one thing… but Bowser?!

And just in case you think this is all just a coincidence, use of the search term ‘Link’ rose by 164% at the same time – while Zelda was up 102%.

We dread to think what anyone was expecting to find, but at least those two are human(-ish) characters. General Nintendo search terms were up 37%, with searches for Mario up 24%, Princess Peach up 16%, and Bowser(!) up 23%.

So there you have it: gamers would rather play Zelda than watch porn. Although what they’d really like to do is combine the two activities.

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